The Death Of The Cattle Cars

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“These optimistic speeches, which no one believed, helped to pass the time. The few days we lived here went by pleasantly enough, in peace. There were no longer questions of wealth, of social distinction, and importance only people condemned to the same fate-still unknown” (Night 20). Elie and the others Jews from his community lose some of their innocence when placed on the train to go to the camps. Overall, nobody seemed to think they would actually be doing this and at first still had hope. After being forced on the train they lost some of that hope they had, and because they didn 't think of what would happen and had no idea what to expect as a result. “Life in the cattle cars was the death of my adolescence. How quickly I aged. As a…show more content…
Having never seen this kind of cruelty Elie was especially surprised upon seeing this. He continues to lose even more of that innocence, sadly in such a horrifying way. Since before this he would have never though possible that people were capable of doing such things. It is evident from his tone that he is shocked, and sickened by what he sees and gives the reader an overall impression of being disheartened by all of this. Not just in humans did Elie questions about, he despite his loyalty began to question his faith. Something that he had also been so devoted, and passionate about, ”How was it possible in that cursed place, to praise the Eternal One for His supposed love of His people? How was it possible, without telling lies, to say in Auschwitz, ' Ashreinu, ma tovBalkann '--how happy we are to bear our heritage? How and by what right can we peak of happiness in Auschwitz? As I have said elsewhere, Auschwitz is conceivable neither with God nor without Him… II may someday come to understand man 's role in the mystery Auschwitz represents but never God 's ” (All Rivers Run 84). Wiesel’s tone is very clearly accusatory, and disbelief because he just doesn’t understand how this is all just happening and for it doesn’t seem like anyone is trying to stop. He believes that it was God’s place to do something about it, rather than letting all these Jewish people just suffer. That one night where he saw the children being burned in the
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