The Death Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Civil Rights is a very overwhelming event to explain. The way these men and women lived was absolutely terrible. The video explained events that I never knew existed, and provided an eye opening experience I will never forget. As a young white woman who grew up in the twenty first century, I have never had to face obstacles such as these men and women faced. When living in the United States freedom is the overall dream, but no one actually has complete freedom. I unfortunately have not had to opportunity to vote, so I cannot relate their experiences to mine. I do however understand the value of a human being. There is no “perfect” human in the world, just those who think they are. Equality was the face of the Civil Rights…show more content…
As depicted in the video, these children had nothing but love and respect for the colored men and women around them. One child actually kissed his colored caregiver on the cheek to show affection, but was later punished by his father. The cruel adults create cruel children. As the Civil Rights movement continued, so did the barriers and violence. I now understand the true importance of having the right to vote. They wanted to be able to make an impact in the state and country they live in. The dying man’s last word resonated with this entirely. He said, "If you don 't vote, you don 't count in this world." As I sit here in 2017 voting is equal and easy to access. But this was not the case for these colored men and women. One woman in the video expressed that she never had the opportunity to vote in her home state. This was all because of her background. Later when she was married, she had to be tested to have the right to vote. Unfortunately this test was given by an uneducated white man who restricted her and others from voting that day. Instances like this gave them strength and perseverance to fight for justice. In an effort to stop this progression violence broke out in a whole different way. The KKK was created. These members dreadful actions caused a ripple of cruelty to not only the colored, but to those associated with them. As of now we have changed our ways, but not completely. We have overcome the struggle with voting.
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