The Death Of The Cold War

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Think if you were in Nagasaki, And you watched your home get destroyed if you were lucky you may have died right away. Nevermind, the ones who die right away are the lucky ones the others will have radiation poisoning which will cause all types of cancers. And it will affect families for generation to come And not only will it affect humans it will affect animals. Also the bomb didn’t just destroy people it destroyed the landscape, building, houses, anything in its radius. Although it wasn’t all bad as it did open us up to different power opportunities, although even then it can still cause problems a lot of problems including the nuclear race. Eventually, it will be scary just to go outside if there is a world war there will be nuked. When you watch it in movies it doesn’t seem as bad. But in real life if there was a world war three it would even more destructive than any especially with Russia involved, they have the most nukes out of anyone because of the cold war. Although we are getting closer it will still be a long time before we reach their number. I heard that America was actually going to nuke the moon. July 16 1965 The first nuclear bomb test after Watching the test on of the scientists said “I am sure that on doomsday, in the last millisecond, the last man of earth will see what we just saw”. I myself don’t believe I believe that it will be much bigger than that bomb. The plane that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki was named Enola Gay and the bomb was called

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