The Death Of The Dark

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Cries In The Dark
I was fast asleep in my room. When all the sudden I got woken up by someone shaking me and screaming at me to get up. I could hear the sounds of sobs as I look up with blurry eyes and see my mother over me. I slowly get up “Why, what 's going on I have to be up to get ready in like an hour what do you want?” I asked confused.
“Sharon you 're not going, Grandma had a heart attack and is in the hospital non-responsive. Katie needs you to bring Ari to school and put the twins on the bus at 11:30, So she can go with me to the hospital.” Explained my mother as the tears flew like waterfalls down her face.
“Mom, what are you talking about, you 're kidding me right?”
“No, Sharon this isn’t a joke, get up.” “Okay.” I replied as I was jumping out of bed. I threw on my black sweater that was laying on the floor and started walking up the stairs to the front door. I went to open the door and heard her call out. “Tell her to hurry up.” She yelled while still sobbing. “Okay, im going over there.” I answered as I was hurrying out the door. My aunt used to live in the apartment next to us so, it was easy for me to just run over there. As I walked into her house I walked up stairs to see her grabbing her stuff to leave. Her hair in a messy bun, wearing pajama pants, and a purple sweater. I could see that see had been crying, her eyes were red and looked swollen. “Katie, are you ready to go.” I asked while fighting back tears.
“Yes, I just got to grab my purse. Ari…
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