The Death Of The Dead Silent

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I can hear my mothers shouting, the brakes screeching, the dogs barking, but all I can see is the headlights of the truck, roaring toward me..., then it was done.. the damage had been taken,now all i can see is blackness and its dead silent. Its gone all of it. its gone.
I awake to a bright light and beeping, coming from the machine next to me, i look around for a few seconds before my vision fully returns. I try to sit up but there seems to something around my abdomen not allowing me to sit more than a few inches, so I give up on struggling. I look at my arms one of them is covered with tubes leading to various machines, the other from what I can see has scar marks im guessing from the accident, but i 'm not sure how they recovered so fast. I dont even really know what time it is, of even what day it is for that matter, I look around for a clock or even a calendar but there 's nothing, the walls are all white, there 's one window but its covered by black blinds blocking all the light from coming in, I try to see around the blind but their covering the whole window. Just than a tall man walks it hes wearing a white lab coat and is carrying a tray of food, he looks me in the eyes and says “Wow we never thought you would come out of that!” “Come out of what?” I must clearly look scared because his reply was “Oh, it nothing you have just been in well, a coma for almost twenty whole years, we thought you may never come out of it. Well heres your food, you do still remember how…
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