The Death Of The Dead Silent

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I can hear my mothers shouting, the brakes screeching, the dogs barking, but all I can see is the headlights of the truck, roaring toward me..., then it was done.. the damage had been taken,now all i can see is blackness and its dead silent. Its gone all of it. its gone. I awake to a bright light and beeping, coming from the machine next to me, i look around for a few seconds before my vision fully returns. I try to sit up but there seems to something around my abdomen not allowing me to sit more than a few inches, so I give up on struggling. I look at my arms one of them is covered with tubes leading to various machines, the other from what I can see has scar marks im guessing from the accident, but i 'm not sure how they recovered so…show more content…
I nod my head not quite hungry. “Well than better chow down, thats your first meal in ten years! A nurse will be in later to take some lab test. I best be going now.” He turns around and heads for the door but just as he reaches for the doorknob he turn to me and says almost so quiet i could barely hear him, “You better watch you back in this place.” Then he turns to the door and slams it shut. Even if i were hungry before i wouldn 't have eaten any way, not after all he said, what does he mean watch my back, what should i be watching for?I have just met the man, the first one in ten years and I’m already scared of him. Just than the machine to my right starts pumping a clear liquid into the tube attached to my arm quickly knocking me out. When I awake there is nurse pressing beeping buttons on the machine next to me, she turns around and looks at me, “Hey! I’m just gonna get right into it, o.k?” Before I could answer she pulls out a clipboard and starts asking questions. “So, I know it might be a little hard to remember, but could you tell me what happened right before the accident?” I think about it, I do, I remember every minute, I even remember what I had for breakfast and what color shirt mom was wearing, mom what happened to her, is she still alive? I decide not to tell her, she 's obviously going to ask more questions if i say yes? “No.” I lie. Before she can ask the next question I quickly add “Wheres my mom”
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