The Death Of The Doctor

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Lately your heart has been beating so fast you feel like you had just run a marathon. You have gone to the doctor’s since, you have been worried about your pulse and were just informed about your condition. Now, rest easy, it’s not as scary as it might seem. Having a pulse of 150 beats per minute is scary in its own way and tends to make you worry, but rest assured, 150bpm is not necessarily normal, but it’s nothing you are going to die from. I have been through and have experienced this and am looking forward to helping you to be informed and relaxed during your discovery and throughout the procedures of fixing this problem. The doctor knocks on the door, he/she informs you of your condition “Supraventricular Tachycardia,” but for now let’s just abbreviate it as “SVT.” You will have to have surgery called an “SVT ablation “to fix this heart problem, but for the mean time, you are put onto something called “Beta-Blockers”, which prevents the chemical that creates fight or flight, known as adrenaline. Your doctor has requested you to go to your local hospital, where you will get a certain amount of test done on you, for example; a stress test, Electric shock management, CAT scan, and a blood test. These test will give a bases on your condition. Your surgery is going to keep you overnight so be well prepared for an overnight stay and for a driver to take you home. You will sign in at the post-op desk and fill out the required information. A little panicky you must be still
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