The Death Of The Egyptian King Tutankhamun

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The topic I chose was the many theories that surround the death of the Egyptian king Tutankhamun. The main theory that I will focus on is that his death was because of assassination. There are many books and articles based on the research of King Tutankhamun’s assassination. I reviewed many scholarly sources that describe the life of King Tutankhamun as well as the discovery of his tomb. King Tutankhamun ruled over the land of Egypt as pharaoh. He is known as the boy-king, and for the lavish grave goods that were discovered in his tomb. King Tutankhamun was the last pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty before his sudden untimely death, due to being surrounded by power hungry people which resulted in his assassination. King Tutankhamun was born around 1342 BCE in Amarna. It is unknown who his parents were, and how he received the title of pharaoh. Akhenaten the pharaoh before him only had daughters with his wife Nefertiti. According to Michael King and Gregory Cooper Tutankhamun was the son of one of Akhenaten’s minor wives. After the death of Akhenaten Egypt was chaotic because of the changes that Akhenaten made. These changes caused Akhenaten to fall out of favor with some of the Egyptian people. When Tutankhamun came to power in 1333, he was wed to Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s third daughter Ankhesenamun. The arrangement of his marriage to Ankhesenamun was to make his claim to king legitimate. Since he was not the legitimate son of Akhenaten, marrying his daughter who had a
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