The Death Of The Family

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Death of the Family America has made great progress on the world stage with her technology. The inventions of the computer, cell phones, and internet have become a crucial part of life for many around the world. With all the technology, America, has been unable to stop the murder of her families. Hundreds of families each day are being murdered by the very technology that was invented to make life better. Not all the murders have been carried out directly by the technology itself. Some families have committed suicide in their attempt to acquire all the necessary things to live by today’s standards. Facebook and Apps have become the chosen partners, and human contact for the people of today. Mothers are no longer the primary care giver to the children, but nannies and baby sitters. Wives no longer stay home as the back bone of the family, but are now forced out into the working world as another wage earner. Although some women have been able to stay home with their families, some men have also been given the opportunity to be a stay at home dad and have taken on the responsibility of holding the family in place from behind the curtain, these family structures are few and far between. The family of one parent at home and one parent making the money have become the outcasts of society. Access to the ability to be unfaithful has also played its part in the slow death to the family. Americans tend to think of the 1950’s as the time that best represents what a family structure

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