The Death Of The Flies

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The eldest Rae walked over to Sky and placed her arm around her shoulder and explained. “Oh little Sky once you have lived as long as we have, you learn that life without the one meant for you is hard. If it’s this hard for us, we can only imagine what it’s been like for the Vampires. Yes, they may not be perfect, however we are ready to find out, and it will allow for an easier transition for little Rae. Don’t mistake our bravery for courage, we are terrified of the unknown parts, nevertheless if one is going, we are all going. We are hoping the saying, safety in numbers holds true.” Marking Your Mate River woke feeling refreshed as always. “Shadow, where is my pint?” Before he could complete his sentence Shadow was handing him his pint. “Right here, Master.” Shadow waited patiently as his Master enjoyed his evening pint of blood. After River was finished, he handed Shadow the empty bag. River wanted to laugh at Shadow’s impatient fiddling. Shadow had questions. He was excited, finally having a Mate for his Master, a female in the house. “Master, did you achieve a read on the female last night?” River knew the questions would come. Shadow was as excited as he was to have finally found a Mate. A bloodline that had been lost to them for thousands of years, and now he knew why. He thought how ingenious to name them after a Sun Goddess. “Yes, Shadow, I was able to read her. Only she knows nothing of what she is. Their bloodline will no longer be hidden from us.” River
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