The Death Of The Golden Age Of Pericles ' Athens Essay

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When I hear moral courage, I believe numerous individuals who stood up for what they morally felt was right and they did not back down from those beliefs, even if several people were trying to tear them down. A lot of of us stand up for what we believe in and we do not get told by thousands of people we are wrong unless it is posted on a social media site at this time and age. There have been countless people who tried to bring down several of the most recognizable, honorable individuals in our history, such as Rosa Parks, but she did not let anyone stop her. Another person I believed to show that same kind of moral courage was Socrates. In 469 B.C., Socrates was born in Athens, Greece during the golden age of Pericles’ Athens. He almost spent his entire life in Athens. As he was growing up, his father, Sophroniscus, was a stonemason and a sculptor while his mother, Phaenarete, was a midwife. His family was in the middle class of today’s world – they weren’t extremely poor, but they weren’t wealthy. When it came to education, he received a normal, basic Greek education. Even when he was young, he showed he treasured learning. Plato described him enthusiastically acquiring the writings of the top contemporary philosopher Anaxagoras and said he was taught rhetoric by the gifted mistress, of the exceptional Athenian leader Pericles, Aspasia. It is believed he worked as a stonemason before becoming a philosopher since he likely learned the skills his father held. During his

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