The Death Of The Heart Essay

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Being stabbed in the heart is overwhelming. I remember feeling nauseous, like at any moment I was going to blow chunks. I needed to breathe. I needed to feel the fresh air moving through my lungs, the feel of my heart rate slowing, calming my emotions. Not the musty stench from the house I was trapped in. I went outside to get my thoughts in order, hoping to make a coherent sentence, but it’s difficult to explain how you feel through a text. Through text people miss out on key facial expressions and voice changes. The person on the other end can’t see my body language, stricken with heartbreak. He can’t see the devastation on my face or hear my gasps of breath between sobs. He was unaware of my sorrow, but I was also unaware of his feelings. What a terrible way to break up after the few years we had shared together. So much can change within a few hours, we were just exchanging wishes of being with one another. Within that time something changed, I didn’t know if being with him was the right thing. In the moment I didn’t realize that I had been making a mistake.. I couldn’t take back what I had said and his mind was set. It was over, just like that. I immediately regret my idiotic decision, I’d lost the one person I could confide in. He gave me advice, helped me up when I was down, I loved him, he was my best friend. I had known him since the seventh grade and we were freshman in high school then. I felt like I knew him inside and out while he knew me the same way. I lost
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