The Death Of The Homeless

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Seven homeless lit a small bonfire and huddled around flames, which glowed yellow and gold. The air was thick smelled of dead fish fed to their dogs. They’re lighting a cigarette and playing the ukulele; a small guitar that has four strings. Then one of the homeless rushed toward the waterfront dock and vomited all the content of his stomach into the water. Everyone jokes afterward that he might have swallowed uncooked fishes too much. The homeless cursed and yelled dirty words as Trey and Cedric approaching. “Relax, they always do that,” said Cedric, making a dismissive gesture. And he’s right, soon after that, the homeless went back to their activities, ignoring them when they’re joining the group. Cedric pulled out 15 small bottles of ginger drink from his messenger bag and distributed the drinks around. “You always have something for us, Ced,” said one homeless with butterfly tattoos on his arm. He recklessly grabbed the bottles and poured the yellow drink right into his mouth. Only minutes later he spurted out his drink, “This ginger drink is burning my throat!!” Cedric laughed, “It will burn your throat at first, but when it’s already filling your chest and flowing down to your stomach, the warmth would rapidly fill all of your body, such a perfect beverage for this cold night.” The homeless with ukulele started to sing and the night seemed to begin the moment they’re singing following the dynamic rhythm brought by the ukulele. The ginger drinks were repeatedly
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