The Death Of The Hospital

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The Hospital
The narrow mountain road leading down to the hospital was a sheet of ice. I was going to the mental hospital to visit my nine year old son, Andy. Although Andy was just a child, he had a very disturbed mind. He had murdered both my husband and his older sister, yet I couldn’t see him as the monster that everyone else perceived him as. Neither my husband or my daughter were ever very nice to Andy. They called him names and told him he was a worthless, freak. I loved my husband and my daughter, but they were bullies in my eyes. They treated Andy like such an animal and would constantly tell me that I shouldn’t trust my sweet boy. “There’s something not right about him, Mom” my daughter, Mandy, would complain. Granted Andy growing up was always a strange kid, but I never did think that my sweet little boy was that demented in the head that he would actually resort to murder. The doctors would not let me visit more than once a week. When asked why they would inform me that it was for my own “safety”. Why did everyone else but me see this little, misunderstood, quite boy as a danger? When I would visit, I asked my son ¨Andy, why would do such a thing?¨. Andy never did give me an answer he always just shrugged it off like it was no big deal. I was the only one ever there for Andy. None of our other family members paid either of us much attention since the death of Mandy and my husband. They too were afraid of Andy. I knew that he would never hurt me, or…
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