The Death Of The Jews

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When I think of war, I think of Adolf Hitler’s deadliest—at the time—the final solution. Hitler’s weapon wrongfully murdered millions of innocent Jews. Between 1939-1945, Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party had two ultimate—to wipeout the Jewish community, as well as make Germany the most powerful country in Europe. Nonetheless, Hitler had great plans for Germany—the Germans believed in Hitler; yet, by the end of World War II, the Nazi Party was defeated—the German nation fell apart—Hitler failed. Nonetheless, the death of the Jews was a massive loss, a tragic loss—until this day, it is. In the novel Night, Elie Wiesel, describes his experience as a Jewish prisoner in Auschwitz concentration camp, a heart breaking, as well as a tragic experience. In this response paper, readers will get the opportunity to learn about how the novel, Night, depicts the best image of war through Wiesel’s use of descriptive writing to describe his tragic experience, specifically how he lost faith in God while living at Auschwitz. Not to mention, it will also be described how I felt while reading this novel, and what did I find interesting about this piece of literature—war literature. In literature, descriptive writing is a useful technique, especially since it allows an author to describe how he or she truly feels about a particular subject matter. Descriptive writings bring literary works to life; it is vivid, especially since the readers are able to visualize specific information in their
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