The Death Of The King

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As brother and sister, George and Anne Boleyn were close especially when they were reunited in the court of England after years spent apart furthering their educations. Anne also had many friends who remained loyal to her during ‘The Great Matter’ and her eventual rise to the throne. These friends and her brother were close friends to the King as well. Henry Norris, for example, had been close friends with the King years before Anne was even in the picture; however, close or not, Henry spoke nothing when Norris was arrested on suspicion of adultery with the Queen. He too spoke nothing when the Queen was further accused of adultery with four other men, Francis Weston, Mark Smeaton, William Brereton, and George Boleyn, Anne’s own brother. Anne was also accused of treason which meant imagining or plotting the death of the King as well as being a subject of accusation to witchcraft. It is important to remember that this was a very superstitious time in the world and at that time it was believe that one of the effects of being bewitched was impotence. Anne and Henry had only a single living daughter by the end of their marriage, and she had miscarried at least three babies by the time she died. “Since it is widely believed that witches did afflict men with impotence, this claim would have come readily to the minds of the Kings and his advisors” (Warnicke 231). Obviously Henry had decided it was all Anne’s fault that she was unable to carry a son full term. In January of

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