The Death Of The Medical Physicist

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. Knickerbocker had no explanation to scanning Jacoby 151 times, she said she only pressed the button 4-6 times and the machine must have malfunctioned. Her story changed several times, she said Jacoby’s parents distracted her, the scanning table wouldn’t move incrementally, and Jacoby’s father was leaning on the table. Knickerbocker also stated that when she suspected the machine was malfunctioning, she called for help, but none arrived. Knickerbocker left the hospital two weeks after the incident and her license was suspended on September 30th by the California Department of Public Health. A report by the hospital’s medical physicist calculated that the boy’s absorbed radiation dose was 2.8 Gy (2,800 mSv) and possibly as high as 11 Gy (11,000 mSv). The dose the boy received compared to a range of 1.5-4.0 mSv for a normal pediatric CT study of the entire spine. A report by the hospital 's medical physicist concluded the child had a lifetime increased risk of a fatal cancer of 39%, (Estimated Risk of Radiation Induced Fatal Cancer from Pediatric CT. (2001, February 1). American Journal of Roentgenology, Pp 289-296). Bruce Fleck, the hospital’s former radiology manager, testified that there was no way the machine could have automatically taken the images, the machine was in the manual axial mode, “She had to hit the button each time.” Fleck continued on to say “I think it was just a rogue act of insanity”, (Bogdanich, W. (2009, October 15). Jacoby Roth and the Mad River
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