The Death Of The Native American Population

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Suicide in the Native American Population of the Northeastern United States While the Native American population encounters many health disparities; of growing concern, is the rates of suicide among these communities. The U.S. National Library of Medicine defines health disparities as “the variation in rates of disease occurrence and disabilities between socioeconomic and /or geographically defined population groups”. When looking at the Native American population of the northeastern United States, there are many factors that contribute to these alarming numbers. These include gun availability, rural locations of communities and reservations, privacy of Native people, distrust of outside help, alcoholism, depression, lack of resources, and acculturation stress. Many of these factors are a way of life for the Native American population. Guns are in most homes and used for hunting and sport. The rural locations are a way of being surrounded by all that is living and therefore, well-being of the people. Alcohol abuse is a learned and shared behavior among many families and throughout the generations. The high rates of depression are often self- medicated and contribute to the substance abuse issues already abundant within the community. It is a difficult situation to realize the very culture of a people may be the conduit to the problems they encounter. This can make the health care provider’s jobs even more difficult. As Paquin (2011) explained, “When nurses focus
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