The Death Of The Nazi Concentration Camps Essay

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In modern human society, it is difficult to distinguish between winners and losers. As opposed to the animal kingdom where there is a clear line between the strong who survive and the weak who die, for humans, there is no need for such a bestial and primal social order. In modern times, humanity has simply become advanced to the point where all is afforded the luxury of living. However, in conditions of extreme oppression and inhumanity, our human nature will be stripped of civility and civilization, producing in it’s place a primal Darwinian community where the majority die and a select few survive by changing their circumstances with luck, skill or coercion, essentially out competing their peers. Enter Auschwitz, one of the infamous Nazi concentration camps where Hitler’s final solution to exterminate the Jews of Europe was implemented. In the hellish environment of these death camps, the oppressive conditions quickly succeed in dehumanizing it’s captives, stripping them naked of their human possessions and ideals. Through the memoirs of those who lived through this hell, including Primo Levi, an Italian Jew, it is possible to examine the social order that quickly becomes established within the camp once the prisoners go through their transformation from human to beast to dead. Very soon after initiation, it is clear to see the that the majority of imprisoned have become or are on the path to becoming, the “drowned”. As the name suggests, the “drowned” are the prisoners
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