The Death Of The Ohio Parole Board

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John Friedrich, charged with and eventually convicted of the murder of 38-year-old Gayle Meggyesy, gestures as he testifies on the seventh day of his trial in Holmes County Common Pleas Court. The 1988 trial came nearly two years after Meggyesy 's murder. MILLERSBURG — After serving nearly 28 years in prison for the 1986 slaying of Gayle Meggyesy, John Friedrich could soon be a free man. Release of Friedrich, who was sentenced to 18 years to life for the March 29, 1988, murder, will be considered at a Jan. 26 full hearing of the Ohio Parole Board. Friedrich will not be in attendance at the hearing at which members of the Meggyesy family and Holmes County Assistant Prosecutor Steve Knowling hope to sway the board 's decision away from…show more content…
The bullet entered her upper right back and penetrated her heart. She was shot again in the forehead. The second bullet entered her skull and fragmented into pieces in her brain. Friedrich had been employed by Dennis Meggyesy and was a frequent visitor to the home. The three Meggyesy children called him “Uncle John.” Although he volunteered during his phone call some information about how he came to find her dead, he claimed to have amnesia and no memory of finding the body or anything related to the shooting when investigators attempted to question him at the scene. At the time, Dennis and the three children were in Georgia, on their way back from a trip to Disney World. Dennis, who learned of his wife 's grizzly death when his phone call home was answered by the sheriff, related to the children that their mother was not only dead, but had been murdered. The suspect Five days later, after being interviewed by Prosecutor Thomas White and Capt. Roger Pennell, and handing over his revolver, which was linked ballistically to the bullets recovered from Meggyesy 's body, Friedrich was charged with murder. According to court testimony and six pages of notes, written by Meggyesy and found in the kitchen, Friedrich was in a self-described unhappy marriage and appeared to be fixated on Meggyesy. During his interview with White and Pennell, Friedrich first made suggestions of satanic and demonic involvement, a concept that
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