The Death Of The Prison System

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We are always hearing about how veterans need mental and physical treatment when they come home from tours of duty. This is true. However, they are not the only ones. Prison inmates should also have those same privileges. Nothing in the world could justify some of the cries that inmates may or may not have committed, but in reality things like insanity and schizophrenia are true illness that can’t be controlled on their own. With the assistance of therapist and psychologists, these inmates can find value in their lives. If suicide is the largest cause of death within the prison systems, the finding meaning in their lives is all these inmates want. Not only are mental illnesses are within the minds of inmates but also addictions. If these inmates with drug or alcohol addictions can be cleansed of the addiction, then why should we stop them? Withdrawals from a substance can literally kill those who suffer from them.

Dating back to the beginning of time people have held those who commit wrong-doings in confinement. It just seems like the right thing to do. People can sleep safe at night knowing that someone who commits a crime is locked up in a place where they cannot repeat the very crime that put them there. And why shouldn’t they? I mean for all intensive purposes a place of confinement is the very thing that we should feel most comfortable about when it comes to the prison system. Many things about said system intimidate the common man, maybe even intimidated of…

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