The Death Of The Sun, By Lorraine Hansberry And Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

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Whether it is over the death of a loved one or a very emotional situation, grief is inevitable. Most individuals experience a form of grief at some point in their lifetime. Coping with a distressing situation can be a very difficult task and there are many arguments as to whether there is a set and correct method on how to deal with grief or not. Many people have created a grieving process that includes going through certain stages in order. However, this proposed grieving method is no more than a false theory. Due to the fact that every single person grieves differently, there is no way to possibly set a specific way to grieve. “A Raisin in The Sun,” by Lorraine Hansberry and “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,” by William Shakespeare both…show more content…
Theoretically, denial is the first recommended step to experience normal grief; anger follows. The second advised step to experiencing a progressive grieving process is anger. Although anger is the suggested step after denial, many people do not experience it in this order or at all. Halperin defines anger, “when you wake up from the dreamy state of denial, you’ll find yourself in mile two . . . anger” (70); this explains the idea that people become very angry at the fact that something extremely saddening has occurred in their life. There is an instance when Walter Lee shows a form of anger, “WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE LISTEN TO ME TODAY” (Hansberry 399), illustrating the idea that he becomes frustrated at the fact that his father passed away. Walter Lee does not necessarily feel this stage second; he could have felt anger immediately after his father passed away. Many people deal with grief by showing numerous forms of temperament; however, not everyone in the stories go through this step second and some do not experience it at all. While anger is the second step that is wrongly proposed in order to undergo a normal grieving process, bargaining is the third. The third recommended step in order to encounter a progressive grieving method is the bargaining stage. Contrary to popular belief, this step does not have to be experienced third or at all. Halperin defines bargaining, “someone who is hoping to postpone death . . . says I’ll do anything for a

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