The Death Of The Texas Tower Shooter

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Any time a person commits a crime on their own free will for any reason, they most likely have a conscious or even if they don’t, they should know of right and wrong; should know that the crime they are about to commit is illegal. In the case where the Texas Tower shooter, could feel mentally that his brain was changing in a way that just wasn’t himself, on one side the argument could be made that, if he knew some sort of change was going on he could have sought medical (mental) help to try and figure out why he was feeling this way. This in itself has many points of view, because how many times have we as “Normal” “Free” minded individuals, thought that we felt ourselves changing becoming something we are not. In an excerpt from the essay Whitman says, “However, lately (I can’t recall when it started) I have been a victim of many unusual and irrational thoughts.” This being said, if your new thoughts were growing violent then, yes maybe you should seek help. Another side could be that the time this happened wasn’t a time of mental illness enlightenment, resembling the day and age we live in now, knowledge of different cases, studies, and illnesses are so readily known that you aren’t going to just be classified as just “Crazy”. At that time and most likely prior to this incident with the shooter. if you started saying that you felt yourself changing or, you were having thoughts that didn’t meet with the norm, you were just “Crazy” that was it, cut and dry . If you did

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