The Death Of The United States

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It was the year 2041. That was the year that the entire world went to chaos; was reduced to rubble. Anyone left alive fled to underground military survival bunkers. Humanity had almost become extinct; no one really knew how many people survived: there was no way to communicate with others around the world. The people who did lived on doing so in small colonies not knowing if they’re all that’s left.
“Okay it’s time for inspections below, who’s it going to be today? Andrew – your turn today, go on.” Andrew reluctantly rose from his seat and made his way towards the service chamber, descending down a large brown rusty ladder in to the depths of the bunker, the door creaking closed behind him as he slowly, silently made his way
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Next to the door he swiftly raised his gun and opened the door in one swift action, checking the coast was clear in the next room along.
These checks had to become a more regular procedure at NC station, a lot had been happening at the station from the luckily failed savage attackers trying to raid for supplies and the wild hounds tunnelling their way in attacking innocent civilians. As he progressed through the last corridor, A loud squeaking sound behind him, startled he jumped round at the sound to see what’s there. A huddle of large rats scurried between his legs, over his feet and through a hole in the next wall. He sighed and says to himself “Rats. It just had to be rats. Of All the things it could be it just had to be them”. He hastily finished his inspection and circled back around to climb back up the large ladder he had come down back up to the main base.
“Ah you’re finally back” he was greeted by two friendly faces John and Kyle, they were a few years both older and more experienced than him. “You took your time down there. Get scared or something?" Andrew was the newest guard squad here as he had just come of age to join them, never having done anything like this before as he had only been on the job for around two weeks. Before this, he was working as a waiter at the local bar lounge area. His friends found it amusing to tease him about not being as good or as fast as the others yet.
The three of

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