The Death Of The United States Essay

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Her disappointment from not receiving the anticipated call from John had slowly morphed into anger overnight. Lacking sleep and an outlet for her anger, she rowed with her mother twice in the thirtyish minutes that their paths crossed while Rose dragged feet in getting ready for work that morning. She fumed over the arguments with her mother on the way to work planning comebacks to continue the disagreements later. She strode into the pharmacy wearing a dark upon her face.


Rose slammed the cash drawer shut, dropped the change in the customer’s hand, and shoved the bag towards the elderly man. The man huffed and he glanced around the store, his eyes finding a woman with shiny black hair in manager’s attire. A satisfied smirk appeared on his face, and he strode away.

Confused because he wasn’t heading towards the exit, she followed the man with her eyes and her heart sank as she realized he was about to complain about her service. Or lack thereof, rather. If she were being perfectly honest with herself, she had brought her black mood in to work today instead of checking it at the door.

The man chatted animatedly with the manager, but Rose was unable to hear what he said. She hadn’t been outright rude, but she had been disconnected and unfriendly. She steeled herself as the manager approached her and the elder man glared at her as he passed.

“Rose, can you call Gerard to take over for a little while and meet me in the office,” Ms. Glendon requested…

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