The Death Of The United States

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Adrienne was twenty-seven years old when she went into labor on May 13, 1995. Flash back about nine months earlier. She thought she was having bad PMS. Her Italian mother swore that by grabbing her behind, she could tell that she was pregnant. Adrienne said that it was impossible but missed her next period; they were always right on schedule. After a trip to the drug store and a trip to the bathroom, she sat down with Danny, her husband, and watched the little white stick that would tell her for sure what her mother had told her already. For the next three months, she was very sick. She lived off a steady diet of saltine crackers and water which made her nauseous, but she never threw up. In her second trimester, she felt fantastic; her…show more content…
Adrienne also took Lamaze where she learned breathing techniques to help with labor and delivery pain. She took a fetal development class to learn about the stages of development. There was also brief instruction on lactation and breast-feeding after she delivered her baby. The onset of her labor was on a Saturday morning. She thought she had had too many tacos, but then she lost her mucus plug. Labor was slow because her cervix would not dilate. She went to the hospital more than once, but the maternity ward would not admit her because her cervix was stuck at two centimeters. The obstetrics staff advised her to walk around which she did. She took multiple hot baths to help with the pain. She was in labor and awake on and off from Saturday morning until Monday night when she finally gave birth at Kaiser hospital in Riverside, California. On Monday morning, she was finally admitted since she had been in labor for over forty hours. Adrienne wanted a natural birth even to the point where she refused an epidural. Eventually, she could not take the pain anymore and signed for one. During this time, they also administered Pitocin to advance her dilation. After seven hours of this treatment, she was only dilated to seven centimeters. The doctors made the decision to give her a stronger dose of Pitocin, and, finally, she was dilated just enough to deliver. Adrienne does not remember how long she pushed. She remembers
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