The Death Of The United States

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Wes was back living in a small town in Massachusetts because of his older brother, Wilson Oliver. It was backwards thinking on their mother’s part in Wes’ humble opinion, but she insisted on her father’s name with her first born. Later, when she divorced from their father, Wilson Oliver Wilson was never able to live it down. When Wesley left home to serve his country, he did it because he had no other option than staying in-town. It felt premature to hang around and work a part time job. So four years churned him into a fine spread of military protocol, stoic attitude in a serious uncommonly calm man. He was never a man of passion or zealous decisions, but he always spoke from the reserve of his mind. He neither filled up time to chat…show more content…
He came to admire her outgrowing their small town, furthermore her ambition set into motion for Wes and his career. However, as their two careers started to demand more and more, it became clear he fell in love with her as a girl but as the years sharpen them both, she became exceptionally complex and continuously farther out of his reach. His dad would die four years later and she moved out secretly from their apartment while he was gone. Wes glanced at the clock, the kitchen kitty had set the pace of his thoughts. He lived vicariously through his past, ruminating over what ifs and if only like there would be something new to uncover after all this time. Except, he always drew the same conclusion, the bitterness reminding him. It’s the way things go. It was also 7:11 in the morning. The shop would be open soon. He begrudgingly rose and dressed. He made coffee and grabbing a Pop-tart and headed out to work. Current reality weighed on him, he felt dismal and slow. With a grandchild on the horizon it felt entirely unrelatable to him. He left his apartment and walking the seven blocks to work. He did this everyday despite having a car in the garage. He didn’t drive anymore because, his eyes had been giving him trouble. He was diabetic and poorly managed it. He was losing his eye sight because he decidedly chose to poorly manage himself. Yvette was already on her
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