The Death Of The Volcano

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The molten lava bubbled and hissed at the bottom of the volcano. Everyone bowed their heads, all that could be heard was the crying of the grief-stricken families . Then came a splash, as the dead body was thrown over the edge and into the lava below. Our leader, Régle, stepped out of the shadows, her long blonde hair swaying back and forth. She had a small frown on her face. She looked at the family members and bowed her head in respect before walking out of sight. She had died at the age ten from an unknown disease , but we didn 't have the right resources, or the medicine to save her. We were just lucky the disease hadn’t spread. After a moment of silence everyone went back to work. The tunnelers went back to their jobs, to tunnel…show more content…
The aiders helped keep people healthy, or as healthy as they could keep them. Lastly there was the cleaners, they cleaned the clothes, the food, and the small rooms the people occupied. I worked as a cleaner, if you didn 't do your job, well then you wouldn 't get lune déjeuner. Food was what people negotiated with in the volcano. There was two meals, repas which was served when the sun was directly above the volcano and lune déjeuner when the sun comes down and the moon is up. If you missed even one of them you were doomed to be hungry for the next twelve hours. Clean water was a royalty, we would drink rain water sometimes if the tunnelers hadn 't found water in a few weeks. The tunnelers cleaned the water they had in the miner jar, by placing them on straw and tying the rope to the bridge for three days and then cooling them down by placing them on the entrance of the volcano and buried in mud. The Régle kept water hidden from us, she said she was keeping if it we couldn 't find water anymore. No one really cared anyway, without her here there would be chaos. I didn’t know much about how we had gotten here, not many people did. This was a way of life though, and the only time people left the volcano was when they either skipped their job for more than seven days, or they committed a crime that could not be undone. I walked into the cleaners corner, where we store our cleaning supplies. One of the older ladies that worked as a cleaner
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