The Death Of The Young Man Who Is Leading The Family

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“We were at Spielfeld in the Austrian border with Croatia, distributing warm clothes and food. I was delighted with the smile of the little kids who felt warmer that night. Then, I noticed this family, they seem lost and don’t know where to go. They wanted to go to Sweden, but they don’t know how. The young man who is leading the family is only 22 years old, his name is Hussam, and they are from Syria. His father was hanged by Asad’s regime in Syria and he fled with his mother, sister and two brothers. With little English, he explained to us that he was told to go back to the main refugees’ camp and wait for a bus. That bus had left long time ago. It was cold and about to rain. The main camp is far away, the two scheduled buses had left earlier and no bus is coming tonight. I felt that I need to help this family but how? Looking at the sky and their lost, tired eyes, I felt that I have a decision to make. They are coming home with me tonight. Then a chill ran into my spine with a voice in my head warning me, I might be making a grave mistake that I will regret later. What my partner will say if I bring them to our new home? What my neighbors will say when they see them entering my house? However, I shook my fear off and I decided to follow my guts, I will take them home, at least we all will be in a warm place to think clearly. I told Hussam, “I don’t know how I can help you, but would you like to come home with us?” He spoke to his family and they agreed to come
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