The Death Of Two ( The Great Gatsby )

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The death of two (The Great Gatsby)
The auburn hued leaves crunched with every miserable footstep. They scattered the ground in a haphazard manner, not dissimilar to the state of the thoughts swirling through the mind of the lone man, disconsolate and determined to regain a semblance of balance in his life. He strode purposefully towards his vengeful destination. With his worn-out greased overalls and his intrinsic grey flat cap, he passed through the elaborate, elite fields of West Egg, also known as the land of ‘new money’, embarking towards this mansion.
Located at the very end of West Egg, bordering the sound, rested the extravagant white mansion. Stealthily, he moved towards his target, Jay Gatsby. For all George Wilson was concerned, he had been contemplating whether or not this man was responsible for the tragic death of his beloved wife, Myrtle. He walked further: to within the rear of the luxurious pearl white mansion. An old piano, sat as to enamel Gatsby’s supposedly elite position. Gatsby’s abode was embellished with unique russet velvety walls and glazed coffee wooden floorboards. After Wilson’s entrance, via an unlocked rear door, he imagined himself taking a drink with his girl in such a fine room, but that possibility did not exist. This man named Gatsby had ruined it all for him.
George was a simple kind of guy. He always dreamed of living in West Egg with his wife; he wanted the best for Myrtle. Wilson removed a crystal clear glass from a coffee table…
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