The Death Penalty : A Method Of Crime Deterrence

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Kendrick Exum
Ms. Cooper-Jones
British Literature and Composition
17 April 2015
The Death Penalty
Capital punishment often referred to as the death penalty has been used as a method of crime deterrence since the earliest societies it has been a controversial position amongst lawmakers for centuries. Capital punishment does not deter crime; instead, it encourages it. Today, only thirty-two states still use the death penalty because they believe that a state with the death penalty has higher murder rates than states without it (“States With and Without the Death Penalty”).
Most people believe that the fear of being sentenced to the death penalty scares a person enough that they will not commit any crimes, but instead, it is the opposite. Most people die in prison before they actually make it to the death penalty due to all of the paperwork that is needed. The death penalty does not deter crime, nor will it deter crime later in the future. If a person is found guilty of a capital crime and is sentenced to death, then what will he or she learn from it? This person learns nothing because he or she is dead; he or she cannot learn from his or her mistakes if he or she is dead. What is the purpose of sentencing someone to death if one expects him or her to learn from his or her mistakes? Most people learn from their punishments and are taught not to do the same mistake again.
The death penalty only takes place for three crimes, including first-degree murder under the specifications
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