The Death Penalty And Capital Punishment

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The death penalty, which can also be known as capital punishment, used to be a practice that was used everywhere in the world at one point. However, over the years lately, countries are starting to have some sense and are starting to eliminate it, including America being one. Sadly, in countries that are not democratic, the death penalty is still being practiced. The Death Penalty is a solution to those who have done wrong in a certain case to a certain degree. It is known to be one of the most serious punishments for crimes committed. The Death Penalty was actually started back in the day for situations such as murder, rape, and burglary. In different parts of the world the death penalty can be different. For example, there are some countries that find it to be the best punishment because it is the easy way out and do not have to go through the process. However, some people may find that unfair. There are many people who oppose this capital punishment, but there are also many people who support it. There are many pros and cons to both sides; however, some main points that are argued against the death penalty are how it can take an innocent life, the cost, and finally just having justice. It is a horrible punishment that nobody deserves to go through when they can spend their life suffering. There are better practices for punishment of prisoners instead of them receiving the death penalty. One main point is that the death penalty is taking innocent lives and making errors.
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