The Death Penalty And Capital Punishment

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The death penalty and capital punishment were brought to America from Britain when America was colonized. This paper will argue why the death penalty is an outdated punishment and that it needs to be banned in America. When analyzing certain key points as crime rates, costs to maintain death row inmates, wrongful convictions, and ethics it becomes evident that the death penalty should be ruled illegal in the United States. Firstly regarding the history of how capital punishment came to America from Britain and the many forms of early execution are discussed. Going over the history of how the death penalty and capital punishment came about helps create a nice foundation on how the United States is moving forward as a country. From first banning the death penalty in 1972, it was reinstated in 1976. It was then made evident that the crime rates at this time of no death penalty were no higher from when it was reinstated. The abolition and reinstatement then led to the disproval of The Deterrent Effect, which is a key point when counter arguing that the death penalty is necessary. Moving forward in the analysis of the death penalty and its benefits and disadvantages, the cost to maintain inmates on death row is discussed. In this section it is made clear that is far more expensive to keep the death penalty and capital punishment rather than having the inmate serve a life term in prison. Through the incorporation of bar and line graphs it is easily identifiable that the…
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