The Death Penalty And The Penalty

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Prior to taking this class, I would say that I knew how I felt about the death penalty. Growing up in the 70 's and 80 's, it was always an "eye for an eye", if someone killed another and was proven guilty then he or she would get the death penalty. In high school, I learned that if a person was convicted of the death penalty then they were allowed 13 appeals. Not sure where the 13 appeals came from because I cannot prove that today. The research I have found, is that there is no limit of appeals for the death penalty due to finality of the punishment.

There was a ban put on the death penalty in mid 1972,(Furman v. Georgia (1972)), I remember people talking about the ban and how the justice system was failing everyone. This was short lived as the ban was lifted in 1977, (Gary Gilmore v Utah, 1977). When the ban lifted the execution of Gilmore by a firing squad, his choice of execution, in the State of Utah. The ban was again in effect from 2007 to 2008, then lifted again. There are several hundreds of people on death row and since the ban was lifted only 13 people have been executed in the State of California. That does not seem to be a huge number that have been executed based on the total amount of people on death row.

The purpose of the death penalty is to be a deterrent for the potential of future criminals. If they knew beforehand what the penalty would be based on the crime, then they would think twice before committing the crime or attempting to commit the…

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