The Death Penalty And The Rise Rate Of The Violent Crime

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Multiple factors contribute to the alleged declining rate of the violent crime in the USA. Thus it is challenging, if not impossible, to determine the exact role of the capital punishment in a prevention of potential future crimes. From the financial perspective, the deterrence argument for the death penalty seems cost ineffective and inefficient. Given the small number of death row inmates, which is 2905 as of July 2016, based on the most recent data available, the cost of maintaining capital punishment seems to be prohibitory high (Death Row Inmates, 2016). Not every one of those 2905 convicts will be eventually executed, hence the actual number of crimes deterred would be even lower, making such approach costly and less effective than…show more content…
How do we establish the mental capacity and ability to carry out sound judgments on the criminal 's part? Many times the underlying motives beyond the crime committed are lacking any reasonable explanation. Is being mentally unstable somehow decreases the amount of responsibility an individual ought to take for his actions? If an offender is, in fact, a mentally incapacitated person, would his guardian be partially at fault for not providing an adequate supervision?

Restorative justice, so fiercely advocated by the opposition to capital punishment could exemplify the role of forgiveness in the relations between the perpetrator and the victim 's family. In a way, this approach resonates with the principles beyond the care ethics and virtue ethics. Some world religions, such as Christianity and Buddhism emphasize mercy and forbearance as essential qualities in human relations. While having an opportunity to include all parties concerned, the victims, the offender and the community in the dialogue might offer a sense of closure for some families who lost their loved-ones, it cannot be the only ultimate resolution of all crimes committed because of several reasons. First of all, for the restorative justice to take place, all parties ought to be voluntarily willing to participate in this painful and emotionally draining process. Indeed, there are few in between of
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