The Death Penalty As A Form Of Capital Punishment

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People need to better understand that an “eye for an eye” does not make the world go round but merely denying another human the right to live. Death Penalty is a sentence where the state terminate the life of the convicted as a form of capital punishment. The death penalty is legal as well as long as it is imposed fairly. It is one has been an ongoing battle in the United States that raises some litigation issues regarding the effectiveness of counsel, the use of qualified juries, and the lengthy period in which offenders have to spend on death row while anticipating execution. However, in order to find a possible solution to this issue, it is only right to shed light on what Death Penalty is and the implications it has on society. Exploring other possible solutions apart from stereotypical agendas is essential. Therefore, it is acceptable for criminals to be given an equivalent punishment for the crime committed. Until death penalty is eliminated, discrimination, racism and bigotry will prevail with the ongoing practices of institutionalized systems that limits the progress of minorities and the poor.
The death penalty has been around for as long as one could remember. Executions have been recorded from the 1600s to present times. From about 1620, the executions by year increased in the US. It has been a steady increase up until the 1930s; later the death penalty dropped to zero in the 1970s and then again rose steadily. US citizens said that the death penalty was…
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