The Death Penalty: Gender Analysis

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Consequently, the Death Penalty has created a few trends like Gender Bias, now gender bias, is that people may favor a gender over another, such a problem would be troublesome to have in existence when deciding who deserves the Death Penalty. This is a not only big dilemma, but it has been a long problem too, because according to the Huffington Post “However, in these same 39 years, the United States has executed 1,399 men. Even death row shows a gender bias, where of the 3,035 people on death row, only 54 of them are women.” This means that in the last 39 years, there have been, executed 3,305 people, and only 54 of them were women, so in the last 39 years more men have died than women, so there is clearly a preference and that is not a satisfying thing to have when you are a judge, who is also going to give the punishment of death to someone. Also according to,Ohio Law professor, Victor Streib “‘It’s just easier to convince a jury that women suffer from emotional distress or other emotional problems more than men.’” So he is saying that it is really easy to make a women look like they are suffering some sort of emotional problem that made them do a bad felony, furthermore, most judges would believe them because in large amounts of minds of men it is easier to picture a weak,fragile woman than it is for them to picture that from men. An example of this is “Take Susan Smith. She killed her two sons by backing her car into a lake while they sat in the backseat. But when the jury heard about her abusive childhood, they took pity on her, Dieter said.” (Oliver).
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