The Death Penalty Is A Form Of Punishment

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The death penalty is a form of punishment for criminals and has been undeniable until more recently when whether or not it is an ethical practice has been called into question. Offenders, their families, and the victim’s families experience emotional turmoil during and after execution. Convicts that get sentenced to death may remain on death row for several years and, during that process, some rebuild their lives within prison. Inmates have the opportunity to help other prisoners through leadership, uplifting justice programs and becoming a good listener. In 2014, Jeff Ferguson was “executed for the rape and murder” of Kelli Hall. Although her family believed that the execution would heal all their emotional wounds this was not the case.…show more content…
States that continue to practice the death penalty have not proven that it has lowered their crime rates compared to states that only use life sentences. Therefore, a harsh punishment of death is not the answer to most, if not all heinous crimes. Slaughtering a person in cold blood is punishable by law, but what are we teaching society if a judge orders that individual to be sentenced to death as well? Organizations against the death penalty consider capital punishment to be strictly a warning, but do not prevent murders, which “lack the deterrent effort which is commonly referred to by its advocates” (“Why the Death Penalty”). Killing an offender for a fatal crime is contradicting to the lesson we are trying to teach the people of America and violates the right to human life. Although murder is a dreadful act and unlawful, it appears that it is legal for government officials to put criminals to death. This form of punishment is cruel, cold-hearted and inappropriate to all offenders. It is time for government to review the laws on capital punishment to understand that a life taken should not constitute another life be shortened by death. Although killing someone is a terrible act that is extremely cruel it should not give government officials the right to order executions. Executing someone is taking away their human right to live and a promise broken to protect our rights. A breach of rights is denied because the death penalty “violates the right to life which
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