The Death Penalty Is A Form Of Capital Punishment

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The death penalty is a form of capital punishment which has been implemented in the judicial system for thousands of years, the popularity of which has fluctuated throughout the years. Over time, the public has generally been supportive of the use of the death penalty within the United States judicial system, where at one point almost all citizens were in favor of this form of capital punishment. However, in more recent years, the support for it has decreased and due to this it has become a less common form of punishment. The topic of the death penalty is one that has not been greatly discussed and debated, primarily because many citizens believe that many criminals deserve to die for committing the heinous crimes they are being punished for. But is that the question we should be asking?
African-American lawyer, social justice activist, and professor Bryan Stevenson challenges this question and the injustice of the justice system as a whole in his TED talk, “We Need to Talk About an Injustice”. Stevenson is a lawyer who represents children and spends a majority of his time with clients on death row and within prisons, attempting to save his clients. He acknowledges the question of whether or not criminals deserve to die for their crimes, and identifies it to be a valid and reasonable question. He also acknowledges, however, that individuals should pay attention to the question of “is it in our power to kill these criminals”? He builds his argument around the apparent…
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