The Death Penalty Is A Good Way Of Handling Criminals Essay

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The death penalty has been a way of executing prisoners who commit heinous crimes. This means of trial by death has been around for a long time, even dating back to 1608, when Captain George Kendall became the first to be executed by hanging, ultimately establishing the death penalty (Death penalty throughout, 2016). Many people are in favor of the death penalty but many others are not. This paper will describe the positive effects of this penalty and how it is a better way of handling prisoners who committed heinous acts of crime and violence. One reason why using the death penalty is a good way of handling criminals is simply, it is easier to execute the criminal, than to keep him in a cozy jail cell for the rest of his life and to keep spending money on feeding them and housing them. Most people usually question if whether this manner of executing this punishment is in any way inhumane. Could there be another way of executing the death penalty to prisoners who committed horrible crimes? Using the death penalty, which is the punishment of execution administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime (Center on the death penalty, 2016), makes this a sure-fire way of dealing with these types of prisoners not only because of what they did, but to be certain that they would never get the chance to escape and commit these same types of crimes ever again. Moving on, around 31 states still use the death penalty up to this day, but Alaska, Connecticut, District of

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