The Death Penalty Is A Violation Of Civil Liberties

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The political issue that I choose is the death penalty. There are just as many reasons why the death penalty needs to be abolished as there are reasons why we need it. It is a complex issue and it is almost impossible to point to any single argument as the most important. Worldwide 140 nations have now stopped using capital punishment. America 's continued use of the death penalty only profiles us as a violent and vengeful nation and keeps us in the same category as Iran, North Korea and China who still practice and advocate capital punishment. Evidence: Society needs to change the eye for an eye mentality in order for civilization to advance past the revenge philosophy that leads to an endless cycle of violence (ACLU, 2012). The American Civil Liberties Union (2012) says that capital punishment is a violation of civil liberties and goes against everything that our democratic system stands for. The death penalty system in the United States is applied in an unfair manner against people based on how much money they have and the race of the victim (ACLU, 2012). African Americans are more likely to be executed than white people, especially if their victim was white (ACLU, 2012). The death penalty is uncivilized and unfair in practice and life in prison is a worse punishment and a much more effective deterrent in preventing crime (ACLU, 2012). A life in prison involves the punishment to go on for decades, because prisoners are treated like animals and live in a
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