The Death Penalty Is An Ancient Form Of Punishment

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Kerllos Atta-Alla Intro To Criminal Justice 10/18/2015 The death penalty has become a major social issue that questions the morality and efficiency of our justice system. The death penalty, or capital punishment, is an ancient form of punishment that finds its roots throughout ancient history, and it intertwines with America 's foundation. The first known execution in the colonies occurred more than a hundred years before America won its independence, in 1630 (8). Since then the death penalty been a force of controversy in America and has undergone a plethora of changes and reforms. Currently thirty-one states utilize some form of capital punishment in the United States. The driving force of capital punishment debates is whether or not there is any correlation between utilizing the death penalty and the deterrence of crime. Another major issue regarding the death penalty is the financial efficiency of using capital punishment versus life in jail. With all this being said the death penalty does put society at ease. It is in Senator Booker 's best interest to reinstate the death penalty. The death penalty has existed since ancient times, and has reinforced justice. Hammurabi 's eye for an eye rule , which has existed since 1792 B.C.E., brought about a moral code of sorts, in which loss of the victim 's life was returned with the loss of the offender 's life (4). This eye for an eye rule put criminals on a pedestal in which they may suffer as their victims have. The death…
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