The Death Penalty Is Archaic and Immoral Essays

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The death penalty is simply a modernized version of the Holy Bible’s “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot”. Some argue that death is a necessary retribution for murderous cases - but is it effective morally? Revenge only glorifies violence, which is most definitely not the message the world strives to display. The death penalty is a negative form of punishment and insinuates a harsh reflection of society economically, politically, and socially. More than two thirds of the world’s countries formally oppose the death penalty, yet only fifteen out of the fifty United States also object against the decree. What does this say about America? The United States represents freedom yet braces an …show more content…
Dating back to the great words of Voltaire, “It is better to risk saving a guilty person than to condemn an innocent one.” Over 130 people have been exculpated over false convictions since 1730 and the numbers are still growing. When those thirty-five United States prove that they can weed out the guilty from the innocent confidently and without fail, maybe then they shall obtain the rationale behind such a serious sanction. Yet as it stands so clumsily today, there is no assurance the death penalty emits for the future. The death penalty is discriminatory against social and economical aspects of society. Studies show that starting in 1977, most of those placed on death row are guilty of killing white victims, and that African- Americans enumerate one third of those executions. The most evident factor determining execution is the ethnicity of the victim, which is extremely biased, even if racial hostility is still inextricable to civilization. Not only is the death penalty prejudice, but it is also exceedingly unfair economically. It’s horribly expensive to run executions, and the money spent on them could be put into more useful areas of interest and even help reduce rates of crime! Many inmates cannot afford their own attorney, which leaves them with either no lawyer or poor representation in court to defend them selves. The government has the authorization to ratify the death penalty in any location inside America, even in states

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