The Death Penalty Is Causing An Uproar Of Varying Opinions

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Currently, the Death Penalty is causing an uproar of varying opinions. Some are in support, but to certain extents. Then, there are those of us who show no favoring opinion towards this idea of punishment. The topic of the Death Penalty made some think about its light and dark sides, the idea as a whole, and the way it applies to states or localities like mine being North Carolina. The Death Penalty, in my opinion, is sort of devilish. This goes against a commandment, "Thou Shalt not kill", and I intend to follow them. I cannot agree with killing people, let alone insects. When I see an insect in the house, I try my best to escort it nicely outside. I feel bad about killing anything and I believe that when others can kill others, that they do not have much of a conscience. Only God has the right to take life away. I believe that He who created Heaven and Earth has the power to make all of the choices. Everyone has their own opinion of why this does or does no work for them. The reasons why this does not work is because it is expensive. The different techniques of killing the convicted differs in price. There is the electric chair, the gas chamber, and the lethal injection. These methods also can be time consuming depending on the one you choose. Injections are supposed to take fifteen minutes, which is long enough, however once in Florida it took thirty-four minutes for one criminal to pass away. Sometimes, you never know what you are going to get from these. Many people
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