The Death Penalty Is Cruel

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The death penalty is a cruel, ineffective and a morally confusing method used to punish a criminal. For many years the death sentence has been a controversial topic. Many agree that it is wrong and unconstitutional, however, others disagree and say that it is well deserved and that one who kills should, themselves, be killed as well. I stand firm in my belief, opposing the death sentence, for many reasons and research and studies done also support my idea. The United States is the only English speaking democracy in the western hemisphere that still practices the death penalty. The punishment of death has been part of U.S history since its foundation, many times having been carried out in public. Before the 20thcentury it was extremely common to witness executions done in town squares or parks. Most frequently people were hung. In the year 1936, 20,000 people gathered to witness the last public execution that took place in Kentucky. For some time, the number of executions done had decreased significantly.many political figures, such as, justice potter steward of the supreme court, criticized and publicly apposed the act. For 15 years, starting in 1977 and ending in 1991, executions were dwindling and became really rare following such public controversy. During that time only 140 executions were carried out, compared to the same amount in 1935 alone ( U.S. Bureau of Justice.)Yet based on a survey conducted by the Washington post in June of 2006, 65% of Americans still
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