The Death Penalty-Is It Justice Or Just Cruel?

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The Death Penalty - Is It Justice or Just Cruel?
How would one react to a family member receiving the death penalty? How painful would it be knowing that a son, daughter, husband, wife, friend, etc. was sentenced to, arguably, the worst punishment given by the justice system? Capital punishment is a widely discussed and controversial topic, with a spectrum of viewpoints on the subject. Some believe it is necessary for a crimeless society, while others believe it is a very harmful view on violent crime in America. I am against the death penalty as a concept altogether, it is both paradoxical and hypocritical in nature to end someone’s life for killing someone else. The death penalty should be considered immoral because it goes against the Eighth
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According to the Death Penalty Information Center, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about the death penalty through facts and data regarding capital punishment, evidence has shown that states without capital punishment have lower homicide rates than states with it. According to a source found within the organization, titled “Death Penalty Doesn’t Deter Crime”, a 2009 study found that “88% of the nation’s top criminologists believe the death penalty is not a deterrent.” A large number of murders are committed with no thought of punishment, or a “heat of the moment” situation. Therefore, the thought of being executed has no effect on a murderer’s actions, unless it was a planned murder. However, the majority of murders are not planned out. There are also murderers who do not believe there will be repercussions for their crime, and they will “get away with it.” Capital punishment just simply isn’t a proper way to avoid, or lower the chances of murderous acts in any way, shape, or…show more content…
As mentioned before, there is evidence from many sources that the death penalty doesn’t deter murderers from committing such acts. Most murder is a crime of passion, so sentencing them to death won’t teach other murderers anything. Using this logic, capital punishment isn’t a punishment at all. Life in prison is actually a worse punishment than sentencing them to death, because they have to spend their entire lives behind bars. Ending their life will be taking the easy way out. Capital punishment results in ending the murderer’s life painlessly, instead of being forced to reflect on their actions every day until they die. It would be more logical for one who wants revenge to let the murderer suffer instead of giving them a way to be free from proper
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