The Death Penalty Is Justified Essay

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Is the death penalty right or wrong for the inmates or the justice for the victim’s family? Believers for the death penalty and opponents against the death penalty have challenged this situation since the beginning of time as for capital punishment and for revenge. Advocates supporting for the death penalty are discouraged because it prevents future murders and prevents future funerals; and that in the death penalty serves as bitter sweet revenge because in a society full of evil, no one cares about the other. Uncertainty that someone takes a life, then their life should end as well. Abolitionist on the other hand is against the death penalty because they feel it is corrupt, served unfairly, and serves to agreement revenge instead of dealing with the consequence of jail time. “I believe that people would be alive today if there were a death penalty” (Nancy Regan). Death is not always the death. If the defendant and victim are dead, who is getting justice and who will serve the consequence? Many believe the death penalty is the superior consequence instead of serving life without parole. Other realize that the inmate death is an easy way out from the crime and it will not bring the victim back to life. Overall, not a soul is satisfied until justice is served for the victim. Education on the death penalty, knowing the expenses, and the death penalty methods to kill an inmate can surprise the one that learns. Together with the death penalty and life without parole,
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