The Death Penalty Is Justified

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The death penalty has been implemented in the world since the early eighteenth century. When the United Stated was created they adopted this policy because it was one of the only way of punishment the world knew. But as time has gone on many countries have moved away from this practice in favor of long prison sentences and other types of crime determents. This is a very controversial topic in the U.S. within the recent years because many political figures have come out passionately on either side of the issue. Many people say that the U.S. needs to strongly consider moving away from sentencing people to death as quick as possible because many people’s lives are on the line. The death penalty has proved ineffective in deterring crime, is…show more content…
We could just as easily sentence someone to life in prison without putting them to death and have the same result without killing a person. Many people who are sentenced to death spend decades on death row, so people who think about committing a crime don’t equate capital punishment with the crime they are thinking committing. If the death penalty doesn’t deter people from committing violent crimes then there is very little reason to keep it in place. One common misconception about the death penalty is that it is less costly than sentencing someone to life in prison. People think that since someone may spend less time in prison on death row that it would cost less all together but that is factually false. One of the main reasons its false is because all of the appeals processes they have to go through is very expensive. There have been many studies that show that it can be around three-times more expensive to sentence someone to death rather than sentence them to life imprisonment. That is taxpayer’s dollars going to something that costs more and works considerably less. If the United States decides to stop the death penalty the U.S. taxpayers could be saved hundreds of millions of dollars within the coming years and even save them billions in the next few decades. Killing someone for a crime they committed seems very barbaric in its nature. It is a rather regressive form of punishment and the United
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