The Death Penalty Is No Different From Murder

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The death penalty is no different from murder. In both cases, a human’s life is taken. How is there any justice in taking away someone else’s life? Of course, some might say, “It is only an eye for an eye”, that it is only right they pay with their lives for what they did; however, how are we any different from these murders if we repeat the actions they committed as they took away our loved ones? Killing someone will not bring back the people we lost; so, why do we kill them? The death penalty does not bring justice to anyone. It just shows the absolute power and supremacy of a state as they seem to think they are in charge of one’s life. A government-sponsored system that kills its own citizens? A system that shows us killing is wrong by killing someone themselves? This is just hypocrisy at its best. The death penalty is a useless and unfair punishment. It is a punishment that has been shown to not be effective in the reduction of the homicide rate. In fact, there are some indications that executions actually increase the murder rate instead. So, should we continue such a system that costs billions, kills thousands, when there are better alternatives out there? Should we continue a system that is so unfair to the poor, the mentally ill, to people of different races? No, we have to get rid of this cruel and unfair punishment as soon as possible. The death penalty should not continue to be an option for punishing criminals; it should not be put in place, especially in a…
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