The Death Penalty Is Not An Easy Subject

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We have all seen the movies about prisoners being put to death. Whether it had been the public beheadings of the medieval era or the common hangings used in the 1800s, we are familiar with the idea of the death penalty. When capital punishment becomes a topic of conversation most individuals do what they can to change the subject and avoid debate. The death penalty over the last century has become a sensitive subject for some. Though most people are either for or against, there are a few that remain on the fence. Those who oppose the death penalty often do not support the idea of it being a deterrent. They also see it as costing more than life in prison and believe innocent people are being killed falsely. Individuals who support it…show more content…
Quindlen submits her opposing argument that deterrence is not a rational reason for death, but life without parole would do the same to deter an individual from such a crime. She claims that people only desire the criminal to suffer as much as the victim, that this emotional response is the only reason for them to receive death. Though in today’s society we cannot deliver our own vengeance. Quindlen concludes her essay in suggesting it is impossible to give a killer enough desirable pain one may deserve for the killing of a child, and we don’t receive the revenge we may want as a victims loved one (155).
When I sit down and talk to people on the subject of capital punishment, I don’t often disagree with their opposing arguments. Some of them have very good points, but I hold on my own belief that capital punishment is necessary. Many people may disagree with my support, but I stand firm. My reasoning’s for supporting the death penalty are simple: I believe it brings justice to the victim and their families, it ensures that a criminal of heinous acts does not have a future to commit crimes inside or outside of prison, and that capital punishment has become more humane than that of the past.
The first reason I support capital punishment is that is brings justice to the victim and their families. Imagine if you had a loved who was a victim
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