The Death Penalty Is Not The Answer

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The death penalty is a widespread controversial issue. The Criminal Justice System is the real assassin; death is not the answer. It is unconstitutional. It isn 't moral to execute humans. The death penalty is a cruel punishment; it treats humans as inanimate objects that are to be toyed with. The death penalty should be outlawed. States that allow the death penalty don 't have lower crime rates, so obviously people don 't care that death could be their punishment. So what problem is this solving? None. Killing people for committing a crime doesn 't make it any better. It 's like giving them the easy way out for taking away someone else 's life. Letting them rot in a jail cell for the rest of their life would make them suffer much more than simply killing them. There are only two styles of executions that the United States still use. They are the firing squad and lethal injection. The firing squad is only used when states can’t get the drugs used for lethal injection, which isn’t often. States started using lethal injection because, “Lethal injection was intended to be a superior alternative to electrocution, gassing or hanging, all of which are known to go wrong in gruesome ways. But when pharmaceutical companies began refusing to provide their drugs for deadly use and stories of botched injections became commonplace, the same legal qualms that had turned courts against the earlier methods were raised about lethal injections” (Von Drehle). Lethal injection can be very

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